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about Our farm

Located in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania, the 52 acre Maple Hill Farms in Maplewood, PA has been in the Bell family for over a century.   You can visit Maple Hill Farms to purchase pure maple products in our store.  Please feel free to click on Contact Us below to find out more.



Please visit our shop located at the Farm.  All varieties of our Pure Maple Syrup, Pure Maple Candy and Peanuts, and Limited production Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup are available for purchase.

Our pure maple syrup

Pure maple syrup is all natural and produced by boiling the sap from sugar maple trees to concentrate the sugar. Since 1984 Maple Hill Farms has produced syrup in small batches from its exclusive maple sugar tree forest to ensure you enjoy only the highest quality maple syrup. 


bourbon barrel-aged maple syrup

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup is made with sap harvested from Maple Hill Farms in Pennsylvania and aged in an oak barrel for months to absorb the flavor of the bourbon.